Mobile app for finding/hiring Tempies

Goals: creating the "Airbnb for temp jobs", creating pool of users, habit forming app, increasing session duration. 

Target Audience: You're probably in your 20's, and your mobile phone's camera is always ON.

We build personas, built potential users scripts, sketched core screens with a potential solution, and tested functionality, to make the necessary changes in the flow. The result is a user friendly process in which one can easily find a job or hire a "tempie". Work done with: Ma'ayan Mor,  Uri Zer Aviv, Osnat Perlman

Click through prototype




The Resumia
Web app for creating resumes

Goals: selling templates, creating product branding.  

Target Audience: 20-35 yrs old who tend to change jobs and have a medium to high computer skills level.

Within 6 screens only, a user creates a resume, saves, and sends it. He can, of course access and change it at any time.

Click through prototype