Protectival & Tonix-R

Protectival and Tonix-R are natural plant-based products, for the treatment of chemotherapy side-effects. 

I created a clean, pharmaceutical, look & feel with a protective shield as the leading symbol. Branding included logos, packages, brochures, and ads.

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The Institute for Sefardi & Anousim Studies

The Institute for Sefardi and Anousim Studies researches the genealogy of descendants of the forced converts in Spain and Portugal, and helps them awaken to their Jewish heritage. 

The logo I created combines symbols from Jewish heritage associated with resurrection, keeping it elegant and contemporary.

Branding includes logo, website architecture and design, brochures and ads.





I was asked by the Yellow Springs Senior Center to redesign their logo. I decided to go for an upbeat look & feel that will reflect their unique qualities. 

Project includes ID package and an annual report.

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Triversa Nanomate


Advion is a leading biotech company, producing for the pharmaceutical industry. The TriVersa NanoMate is a chip which through ionization process, allows analysts to obtain information from complex samples.

For the logo I combined caps and lowercase letters, and chose deep seawater as the main image, as the ionization process happens in circulating water.

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